C. Monteiro

There are no problems, only solutions


C. Monteiro is a NLP master coach and an INSEAD MBA with Honours (Dean’s List). Her areas of expertise are mindfulness, strategy consulting, problem solving, communication and self/team leadership.

“I combine the “hard” business skills and language with the “deep” self-awareness and mindfullness skills in an optimal combination in order to assist leadership and management learning and development.” – C. Monteiro


1. There are no problems, only solutions (if you know how to tackle them): how to transform risks into opportunities by using the consulting problem solving methodology

  • Learn The Consulting Problem Solving approach
  • Shift the focus from analysis to messages – become more efficient in persuading the audience
  • Learn the framework for structuring any professional presentation building – which will be useful for any project with any internal Client
  • Learn on how to create visual support for data in order to emphasize the message to be conveyed
  • Understand barriers to change and how to deal with them
  • Learn how to effectively work with internal Clients and create a common mindset of focus on the objectives of the project (“don’t stick to the agenda, stick to the objectives”)

2. Mindfulness: Use the full potential of your mind for performance and health

  • Observe their minds with a focus of choosing the most impactful thoughts and behaviors, namely in Leadership situations
  • Understand their most prevalent “consciousness level” when Leading Self
  • Chose moment by moment between trust or fear
  • Pay attention to the present moment and how they are impacting other people
  • Connect with empathy to other human beings, namely in leadership challenging situations
  • Proactively manage stress

Note: Participants will be challenged to review their definition of success and of creating a meaningful career. They will experiment with tools to give greater awareness of the functioning of their mind, so they can become the present “observer” of the dynamics instead of functioning in auto-pilot. Participants will move confidently from exploring Leading Self tools and awareness to Leading Others with Mindfulness. 

3. Maximize your leadership potential through self-awareness and transformation

  • Create a fertile space for the Self Transformation experience to continue rendering fruits
  • Learn/Deepen the awareness of Mindfulness as a tool to enhance Leadership effectiveness
  • Review/gain increased clarity on the personal definition of Leadership and “my best version as a Leader”
  • Shift the focus from tasks to awareness – become more efficient in influencing
  • Deepen the understanding and commitment to individual Purpose
  • Regain energy to commit to a personal Action to continue the Self Transformation process  

The conferences can be given in the following languages: English and Portuguese.