We would like to thank to J. Silva for his kindness, availability and wisdom that inspired and delighted our team. It was a great lesson of determination, strength of character, work and sacrifice for the essentials values, which make the way to achieve our dreams and goals, whether they be personal or professional. This is the difference between Winners and Champions. This is the motto of the HP Consumers team, which is why his presence and his speech about his own path, profile and aspirations was a great success”.   


“His intervention was able to draw the necessary parallels between his extraordinary and adventurous life history, and the commitment and dedication required to achieve the goals (commercial goals, in this case).”

Peugeot Portugal

“J. Silva’s lecture allowed us to feel that the conquering of objectives only has a meaning if we are honest, if we love what we do, and if we work hard to achieve our goals. Thank you, J. Silva for these very important moments.”


“The passionate manner in which he shared stories of the difficulties he had faced in the adverse conditions during the climbs and the solid manner in which he spoke about sensitive issues such as the loss of partners, revealed a sportsman of high competition who demonstrated strong commitment and ambition with respect to the objectives outlined, exemplary for all those who want to achieve results.”

 Galp Energia

“The lecture that J. Silva gave reinforced the values of the company, which are passion towards work, respect for others, and solidity in finding solutions. It left all the participants with the understanding of the need to work as a team and with a spirit of ambition that respects the values of Life. His serene but enthusiastic words about his travels, reinforced the company’s global sense of seeing the future with a capacity to dream.”

Chamartin Imobiliaria