“I am impressed with Sá’s offer of these rich lessons for management leadership and competitive business maneuvering. I only wish that he continues to write more”.

 Philip Kotler (Professor at Northwestern University, founder of modern marketing)

“Dear Professor Sá: Many thanks for your outstanding presentation. It was well structured, very clear, simple and pleasant. You are a very natural speaker. Great work.

I must say that a lot of economists (from Academia) are still not able to communicate deeply and properly to the general public. That is a pitty.

It was a pleasure and an honour to see your “one man show”. A lot of humility and outstanding communicator.”

 Dr. Moncef Hadhri (European Chemical Industry Council, Brussels)

“The presentation that you gave to our association’s leaders was outstanding and I am confident our members will remember for long your thoughts, ideas and visions.”

 Hans Hanegreefs (Executive Vice-President of EPTDA – European Power Transmission Distributors Association)

“Professor Sá is a great public speaker. Engaging, erudite, witty and to the point. He brings abstract concepts of business and the economy to life”.

 Fredrik Erixon (President of the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels)

“Professor Sá, gave a powerful lecture in Tallinn, which compared economic challenges in Europe and the United States. It awakened the audience about the loss of competitiveness in the European Union. At the same time, Professor Sá’s presentation was a source of great inspiration and hope.”

 Meelis Kitsing (Adviser at the Strategy Unit of the Estonian Government Office, President of the Estonian Economic Association and Associate Professor at Estonian Business School)

“Congratulations. A very engaging presentation in Dublin last Friday.”

 S. D. (Ventac)

“The conference of Professor Sá was the highest rated in the congress IDC Futurescape 2019″

 G. C. (President of IDC)

“Professor Jorge Sá made a wonderful presentation at our kick-off 2019 meeting. We were extremely impressed with the connections between management theoretical concepts and sales strategy. I received great feedback on the message from all. Besides being a true pleasure meeting him, it couldn’t have come at a better time!

M. M. (Member of the Board of Directors, Milestone Consulting)

“Professor Sá captures the key points of the Drucker Forum in an incredibly rich and rewarding experience.

 Cecily A. Drucker (daughter of Peter Drucker and CEO of Start-Up Strategies)

“Professor Sá gave an inspiring and eye-opening presentation at the Chamber of Commerce / Idea Foundation Luxembourg and the participants’ feedback was outstanding. Participants took along all the books and material that Professor Sá brought, underlining their interest. Please accept once again our deep gratitude.”

 Marc Wagener (Director, Idea Foundation/Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg)

Professor Sá was the highest rated presentation of the meeting, which also included two other professional inspirational speakers. He was extremely energized and a very dramatic and provocative speaker. Several of the executives attending the meeting have since purchased the Professor’s books on various subjects.

ASPI would strongly recommend Professor Sá as an inspirational speaker to a body of senior managers. He has a passion for thinking and organizational and product line transformation. He is very engaging and an extremely interesting person.”

 Eric Fletty (Executive Director of ASPI)

“Professor Sá presentation was much appreciated by the audience and I have received many positive comments. Indeed, he offers both a vivid and in-depth description of Europe’s poor growth and new insights for both experts and the general public. As a result the lecture provides both a sense of urgency and ideas about how to improve Europe’s performance.”

 Jesper Ahlgren (Chief Economist at Timbro, Stockholm)

“The presentation has been simply spectacular. Thank you very much for your participation in our event in Dublin.”

 A. C. (Enterprise Ireland)

“I very much enjoyed your presentation at the Global Drucker Forum in Vienna. I found it very wonderfully comprehensive and very, very informative.”

 Dr. Arthur Rubens (Professor at Lutgert College of Business, Florida Gulf Coast University)

“The presentation that Professor Sá gave at our association had three reasons: the theme itself, the competence of the speaker and the test to our members’ reaction.

We won in everything. In all. We got the right approach. We got the right speaker. And finally we got great feedback including some companies are already implementing the presentation content”

J. S. (President of the Association of Ceramics and Glass Industries)