R. Pedreira

“The emotional intelligence expert”


R. Pedreira is certified in Emotional Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Coaching, he has also a degree in Applied Mathematics by the Lisbon Faculty of Sciences. R. Pedreira has a Post-Graduation in Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health.

R. Pedreira became the European Champion of Public Speaking in 2017 and he delivers courses, trainings and keynotes for public in general and top companies around the globe.

He develops corporate trainings with the goal of increasing companies’ performance and results.

His mission is to help others achieve success and happiness through the development of Emotional Intelligence skills.


  • European Champion of Public Speaking in 2017 (Toastmasters International);
  • Placed in the top 30 speakers in the world in 2017 (Toastmasters International);
  • 51 workshops and keynotes delivered in 2018.


1. Conflict Resolution and Assertive Communication: Learn and apply a powerful conflict resolution tool that has been used in companies all over the world, reducing conflict and improving communication

2. Stress Tolerance: Mindfulness meditation is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress and improve wellbeing and productivity in our personal and professional lives. During the conferences one will practice Mindfulness and learn how to apply it in the everyday life. Also it is shown how stress can be good for us and how to use it to increase our performance.

3. Leadership: Emotionally intelligent leaders are better leaders. How can a leader know when a team member or his whole team is feeling down or not motivated? Skills like body language reading, active listening or assertive communication can make a big difference in work performance. R. Pedreira transforms average and good leaders into top performers and great leaders.

4. Motivation and Resilience: How to stay motivated, focus on the goal and reach it without giving up or losing focus in the process? R. Pedreira answers this question and apply a hands-on method to be more resilient and keep motivation high.

5. Impulse Control: The latest scientific research uncovers the techniques we can use to improve our impulse control. Learn and apply them in a practical way. 

6. Happiness at Work: Happier workers, sell more, are more productive and make healthier and wealthier organizations. Learn and apply a step by step method to create happier organizations that lead to higher profits.

The conferences can be given in the following languages: English and Portuguese.